Viewing the prospects of horse-riding from a point of view of physical development, it would be found that horse riding improves balance and motor coordination. Hand-eye coordination, core strength and muscular development also develops significantly.

The following are the benefits of horse-riding for your kids:

    1. It has been shown to improve cognitive abilities in children. In some cases, an incrment in brain-tasking skills may lead to improved learning, memory and problem-solving.
    2. The movements of the horse during a ride may improve learning and emotional intelligence in children by activating the sympathetic nervous system. This trains your kid to make quick and accurate decisions.
    3. As kids progress in their horse riding skills, they develop self-confidence and self-assurance .
    4. Horse riding offers a great exercise for both the mind and body, physiologically strengthening the cardiovascular system and easing stress in the mind. In this age of ours where children are exposed to a lot of external stimuli, they need a healthy, mind-calming recreational activity, away from the ipads, ipods and video or computer games.
    5. Horse riding helps in creating a disciplined child. It teaches a lot of self-discipline and can increase your kids patience levels as well as help to sharpen your kid’s power to focus on the achievement of tasks and control.
    6. Horse-riding is loaded with a lot of emotional benefits. First, the young rider learns how to act confidently in the face of fear and uncertainty. This is because, if the rider gets scared ofanything, the horse senses this and feels the fear as well. Horses are very sensitive to the emotions of their riders and will often act out such emotion.
    7. The educational benefits of horse riding are enormous for kids. Your kid might think that horse riding is just all great fun, which it is, but they will be learning such skills for a lifetime of success as well as they learn compassion and confidence.
      Kids learn teamwork by helping each other while tackling the horses, sharing the stable and training arena with other kids.
    8. It teaches kids the art of respect and communication, which is really rewarding for kids.
    9. Horseback riding is a great way of teaching the art of being responsible. They would not only ride a horse, but, they would also care for the horse by learning all the steps of grooming and tackling the horse. They would also learn about safety around horses, when handling a horse, and when riding a horse. Which might become a lifelong hobby.
    10. They will quickly learn the importance of setting goals and how to achieve the set goals. Just as it is in real life; kids would learn about obstacles, and how work, effort and concentration overcomes the obstacles.
    11. If you have an hyperactive and impulsive kid, horse riding can teach your kid how to control his/her emotions and reactions, while a respectful relationship is establishewith  with the horse.
    12. If your kid is shy and introverted, horse riding will build your child’s confidence significantly, teaching him/her how to feel comfortable in a group.

It is therefore obvious that horse riding is higly beneficial to kids and should be encouraged. However to maximise all the benefits and minimise or eliminate any possibility of harm, all safety measures should be observed by the kids who are set to enjoy the incredible benefits inherent in horse riding.