Horse riding may look challenging but if you practice well and follow the right instructions you will be good at it. There are some common mistakes that a beginner makes while trying to learn horse riding.

Horse Riding

The following are some of those mistakes:

Keeping the hands in the air:

When we get on the horse we tend to lose control and balance, so our hands automatically try to maintain the balance, and we place it way up in the air. Keeping the hands in the air makes you lose control of the horse. To avoid this, try to work on following the movements of the horse and keep your hands at hip level and so that you can adjust the reins and have a control of the horse.

Gripping tightly with legs:

Horse riding is all about maintaining your balance. Many beginners tend to hold the horse tightly with their legs but this will make their body tense, and they may provide wrong signals to the horse. By clenching the foot, the horse may think that you want to move forward. You might also upset the mood of the horse. To avoid grasping your legs, make sure that your legs hang freely from the hip. Allow your weight to fall into your heel and keep your foot straight, do not let it swing forward and backward.


Slouching is a common mistake which most of the beginners do. It is very hard to control a horse when you are in a hunched position. You will not have any balance and will end up falling on the ground. If you do not have a proper balance, then the horse also loses its ability to do its job. To get better balance, try not to slouch and try to maintain a straight position. By keeping your chin up, you will know where you are going. You can also feel the intense by trying to squeeze the shoulder blade.

Letting the reins to slide:

Horses tend to move their heads while they run and if the riders are not holding the reins correctly, the reins will get pulled through their hands. When the rider loses the reins, they will not be able to balance the horse and maintain stability.

Looking at the horse:

One must always remember that when you are riding a horse, you must always look straight. Only when you see straight, you will know where to go and what obstacle is on the way. If you look down, you will not be able to see what is coming your way and this posture gets your neck bent and stiffens the spine.  Placing your eyes forward and the chin upwards will provide the rider a better balance and posture.

Standing on tippy-toe:

When riders start to learn how to trot, they tend to live themselves up by standing on the tip of their toes. When they stand on their toes, the bouncing frequency gets doubled, and the rider will lose control.