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Whether you’re looking for an overnight camping trip, or you want to take a nice trail ride or hay ride, we are the stable that you are looking for. We have the best horses in the business. Our horses are gentle as lambs and tough as nails. We have different trail rides for different types of people, such as a beginner’s ride, that is very kid friendly.


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Trail rides

Our beginner’s trail ride is 1 hour. The majority of our customers opt for the beginner’s ride, which stays on flat land. The trail stays alongside the base of the mountains, and includes scenic walks through streams and meadows.

The price is $22 each and that includes tax. Our Advanced Trail Ride is 1 or 2 hours. This involves some climbing and will take you through fields of wildflowers as well as the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Incredible foliage and wildlife are just a couple of the things you can experience. The price $22 per hour, per person and it includes tax.

Enjoy a beautiful trail ride with Apple Valley Riding Stable

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Benefits of Horse-Riding For your Kids.


Viewing the prospects of horse-riding from a point of view of physical development, it would be found that horse riding improves balance and motor coordination. Hand-eye coordination, core strength and muscular development also develops significantly.

The following are the benefits of horse-riding for your kids:

    1. It has been shown to improve cognitive abilities in children. In some cases, an incrment in brain-tasking skills may lead to improved learning, memory and problem-solving.
    2. The movements of the horse during a ride may improve learning and emotional intelligence in children by activating the sympathetic nervous system. This trains your kid to make quick and accurate decisions.
    3. As kids progress in their horse riding skills, they develop self-confidence and self-assurance .
    4. Horse riding offers a great exercise for both the mind and body, physiologically strengthening the cardiovascular system and easing stress in the mind. In this age of ours where children are exposed to a lot of external stimuli, they need a healthy, mind-calming recreational activity, away from the ipads, ipods and video or computer games.
    5. Horse riding helps in creating a disciplined child. It teaches a lot of self-discipline and can increase your kids patience levels as well as help to sharpen your kid’s power to focus on the achievement of tasks and control.
    6. Horse-riding is loaded with a lot of emotional benefits. First, the young rider learns how to act confidently in the face of fear and uncertainty. This is because, if the rider gets scared ofanything, the horse senses this and feels the fear as well. Horses are very sensitive to the emotions of their riders and will often act out such emotion.
    7. The educational benefits of horse riding are enormous for kids. Your kid might think that horse riding is just all great fun, which it is, but they will be learning such skills for a lifetime of success as well as they learn compassion and confidence.
      Kids learn teamwork by helping each other while tackling the horses, sharing the stable and training arena with other kids.
    8. It teaches kids the art of respect and communication, which is really rewarding for kids.
    9. Horseback riding is a great way of teaching the art of being responsible. They would not only ride a horse, but, they would also care for the horse by learning all the steps of grooming and tackling the horse. They would also learn about safety around horses, when handling a horse, and when riding a horse. Which might become a lifelong hobby.
    10. They will quickly learn the importance of setting goals and how to achieve the set goals. Just as it is in real life; kids would learn about obstacles, and how work, effort and concentration overcomes the obstacles.
    11. If you have an hyperactive and impulsive kid, horse riding can teach your kid how to control his/her emotions and reactions, while a respectful relationship is establishewith  with the horse.
    12. If your kid is shy and introverted, horse riding will build your child’s confidence significantly, teaching him/her how to feel comfortable in a group.

It is therefore obvious that horse riding is higly beneficial to kids and should be encouraged. However to maximise all the benefits and minimise or eliminate any possibility of harm, all safety measures should be observed by the kids who are set to enjoy the incredible benefits inherent in horse riding.


How Heavy Is Too Heavy to Ride a Horse


For thousands of years, men have had a great relationship with horses. They have been used a lot in wars.The earliest warriors rode the horses bareback and these horses became sore in very few days. Overtime, man started using a saddle to help distribute weight over a great area. As you can see, even before science, men worried about weight when horseback riding. Today people are asking questions about being too fat to ride a horse andtheideal weight of riding one.

What is the ideal weight of a rider?

Many studies have shown that too much weight makes a horse sore more often than not. According to Research done at Ohio State University(2008), horses start to show signs of stress and muscle soreness when their burden is 25% of their total weight. At 30% there is increased heart rate, temperature and respiration. At between 15 to 20 percent, the horse is seen to be totally relaxed and comfortable. Various researchers agree that a rider should not be more than 20% of his/her horse’s weight. This means that if the horse weighs 1000lb, the rider should be at most 200lb. Remember, this is the weight of the total load. This 200 lbs should include your weight, saddle and any other load you are carrying.

Does the 20% rule apply to all horses?

This is a general rule that might be different depending on how the body weight of a horse is created. Just like human beings,some horses weigh more because they have more bones and wider loins while some weigh more because they have more fat. A horse with more bones can carry more weight than one with equal weight but less bone. For this reason, the type of horse will matter when you are trying to determine if you are suitable to ride a horse or not.

What of the fitness of the horse?

The fitness of a horse also affects the amount of weight it can carry. An adult horse might not be able to carry as much weight as it used to when younger. The horses that are subjected to exercises like racing,can carry more weight than their counterparts which are not. A horse that is often a subject to diseases and soreness will probably not carry as much weight as a horse that is healthy and strong.

But I am an experienced rider…

Of course, the weight of the rider, a horse can carry will depend on how good the rider is. An experienced rider knows how to distribute his/her weight on a horse. It is better to have an athletic and balanced rider who is overweight than an underweight rider who is like a sack of potatoes and does not know how to balance.

Weight is a weighty issue. Many people prefer to overlook it. Your horse might show signs of being fine because they are stoic animals. They might appear okay for years but eventually, problems will arise. If you love to ride a horse, ensure you do not overburden your horse. See more about riding horses and Equestrianism.

The Health Benefits of Horseback Riding

Horse riding may sound challenging, but once you get the hang of it, you will enjoy riding a horse. The satisfaction you get when you are riding the horse is simply awesome. Not only is it fun but also it is a great way to maintain your muscle tone and to keep you in-form. There are plenty of health benefits of horseback riding, and the following are some of them:

Horse Riding

1. Good exercise:

A horse would not move unless the rider asks it to move, so the rider must instruct the horse to go to the place he/she wants to go. On doing this, your core muscles get worked up. When your body learns how to move with the horse, it becomes more stable. There are specific muscles in your body that keep you steady while riding. Your postural strength also develops, and your reflexes become better while riding a horse.

2. Mental exercise:

Your mind has to coordinate with your body to ride the horse. There is always something new to learn and riding the horse keeps your brain exercised. Once you master the art of riding, you feel a lot relaxed. You also build confidence that you can control a huge animal.

3. Balance and coordination:

The horse moves and acts quickly, and thus you need to be in sync with the horse to control it. Balancing the horse is one of the most fundamental things you need to know. You also need to learn where to place your hands and make sure that you do not fall on the ground by placing it on the air. Thus, learning how to ride a horse teaches how to balance and coordinate.

4. Muscle tone and flexibility:

Apart from the core muscles, one of the most significant workouts is on the inner thighs and the pelvic region. On the whole, horse riding can tone the muscles of a rider, and this is an effective weight-bearing exercise. Trying to maintain a squatting position while riding will sustain the toned muscles of the rider.

5. Improved posture:

When you sit on the horse you start to develop a good posture. Only when you maintain a particular posture, you will be able to maintain and balance the horse.

6. Quick reflexes and thinking:

While riding a horse you need to think and act quickly as per the horse’s movement. If an obstacle is on the way, you need to act fast and instruct the horse to move accordingly. By responding to various barriers like this, your thinking ability increases and your reflexes become sharper.

7. Boosts confidence:

When you ride a horse properly, you develop a sense of satisfaction. Knowing that you can control a huge animal boosts your confidence level, and this motivates you to become a better rider.

The Top Beginner Horse Riding Mistakes

Horse riding may look challenging but if you practice well and follow the right instructions you will be good at it. There are some common mistakes that a beginner makes while trying to learn horse riding.

Horse Riding

The following are some of those mistakes:

Keeping the hands in the air:

When we get on the horse we tend to lose control and balance, so our hands automatically try to maintain the balance, and we place it way up in the air. Keeping the hands in the air makes you lose control of the horse. To avoid this, try to work on following the movements of the horse and keep your hands at hip level and so that you can adjust the reins and have a control of the horse.

Gripping tightly with legs:

Horse riding is all about maintaining your balance. Many beginners tend to hold the horse tightly with their legs but this will make their body tense, and they may provide wrong signals to the horse. By clenching the foot, the horse may think that you want to move forward. You might also upset the mood of the horse. To avoid grasping your legs, make sure that your legs hang freely from the hip. Allow your weight to fall into your heel and keep your foot straight, do not let it swing forward and backward.


Slouching is a common mistake which most of the beginners do. It is very hard to control a horse when you are in a hunched position. You will not have any balance and will end up falling on the ground. If you do not have a proper balance, then the horse also loses its ability to do its job. To get better balance, try not to slouch and try to maintain a straight position. By keeping your chin up, you will know where you are going. You can also feel the intense by trying to squeeze the shoulder blade.

Letting the reins to slide:

Horses tend to move their heads while they run and if the riders are not holding the reins correctly, the reins will get pulled through their hands. When the rider loses the reins, they will not be able to balance the horse and maintain stability.

Looking at the horse:

One must always remember that when you are riding a horse, you must always look straight. Only when you see straight, you will know where to go and what obstacle is on the way. If you look down, you will not be able to see what is coming your way and this posture gets your neck bent and stiffens the spine.  Placing your eyes forward and the chin upwards will provide the rider a better balance and posture.

Standing on tippy-toe:

When riders start to learn how to trot, they tend to live themselves up by standing on the tip of their toes. When they stand on their toes, the bouncing frequency gets doubled, and the rider will lose control.


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